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Registered: 08/02/06
Posts: 8
My Doctor, after getting tired of trying to convince me to go through chemotherapy for the last six months, and my bone metastasis refusing to budge, and even getting a little worse since September, came up with a "new Idea":
Xeloda. Does anybody have any experience with it?

I'm basically against destructive methods, and am much more for constructive ones, but I do admit that I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired, and do feel that I need a boost of health.

Over all, I am now much much better then I was over the summer. I'm back at work and driving and taking care of the kids and the house... and all this without any Chimo or radiation.

What do you think, MDlove?

a great fan of yours.

Registered: 03/13/04
Posts: 4,214

it is a recognized treatment and my reaction would be for you to draw a picture of yourself getting xeloda and if it doesn't tell you what is right send it to me to evaluate or describe the drawing to me so i can evaluate it for you. if you do it with conflict then more side effects. you need to know what your intuition knows is right versus your head (intellect) thinks is right.

and take melatonin, resveratrol, curcumin, omega 3 fish oil, mastic, pomegranate, beta glucan.

bernie siegel

Registered: 08/02/06
Posts: 8

What my heart tells me... mmm... somtimes it is hard to tell the difference between intuition and intelect (or heart and head)


I think I am/was leaning towards agreement because 1. I feel guilty about constantly rejecting her sugested solutions. 2. My own anxiety to find a solution for my worsening bone metastasis and rising markers (C2729 currently at 3200!!!)


I realize that both are not good reasons to start taking somthing that I believe to be just as distructive as any Chimo, only more "user friendly". Who am I trying to cheat here? Myself? Just because you call a wolf "Whooly", doesn't make it a sheep, does it?!


My Daily "protocol" includes:


- Fresh wheat grass juice every morning (can't get myself to do more than 2-3 oz. though...)

- Flax-seed oil in cottage cheese (for Omega 3)

- Grapefruit juice

- Carrot/celery/Ginger/Pine-nuts juice

-Pomegranet Juice

-Avoiding all meats (other than fish once in a while), proccessed food (as much as I can...) sugar, cafein & white flour products.

- As many fruits, vegetables, sprouts nuts and greens as I can consume




- Tamoxifen (even though I'm 37, I chose this treatment because it was something I could agree to as neccessary for the time being)


- Lupron (same reason - and as an important boost for Tamoxifen)


- Zommeta (to keep calcium in the bones)


- Aranesp (for my anemia: Hemoglobin was as low as 6.2, highest at 9.9, now at 9.2 )


I also exercise a little every day, and go sweaming once a week.


I know that in your views it's "whatever works", and I agree, and it does seem to work for some degree, Only we all need a little encouragement every now and than.


Do you think I'm doing "too little" to get healthy? or that I should be doing anything differently?


Your books, and especially "Love, Medicine and miracles", inspired me greatly, and I'm truly greatfull for your existance in this world. I follow a little of carolyn's messages, and I am in owe with your whole family (excuse my English, if it's not ecactly correct. I hope you understand what I mean)


Love (is allways the answer),




Registered: 02/05/08
Posts: 2
I'm stuck in South Korea of all places!

Hi all - I just had surgery to remove a Stage II 5x6cm tumor from  my butt.  My doctor has placed me on Xeloda 6x500 mg twice a day.  I was doing good until my 6th day when I developed diarrhea during the night and sever heartburn. Later vomiting during lunch time the following day. Once I cleared my system I felt much better. This is the first of eight cycles.  I'm looking for anyone that has experienced using Xeloda and may give me some words of wisdom.... THANKS

Registered: 03/13/04
Posts: 4,214

you can look on the internet
but have family do it
so you don't read all the side effects and then have them


bernie siegel

Registered: 01/30/08
Posts: 1,175
So many times in my life, I have wanted to 'please others' especially doctors and do what they thought was right for me.  I even let my primary care physician 'talk me out of' what instinctively I knew was happening to my body because he told me the diagnosis of post polio syndrome does not exist (I love and forgive him and myself).  When my body was at its lowest point physically, I began to learn how to be still and listen to the Voice within and found remarkable paths toward healing. So while I cannot comment directly on your specific circumstances, I can certainly suggest that you take time out for quiet time and meditation and prayer and quell the voices in the world.  I use Bernie's meditation CD's for 'healing intervals' (as he so lovingly calls them) when I find that I am allowing the noise of the world to intrude on making decisions that are right and good for me! 
With love and prayers for healing -

With love and blessings,
Mary Sunshine

Hi Enav,

I was recently diagnosed with bone mets but haven't come across this drug.  I'd be interested to learn more about it if you find any information.
It sounds like you're doing a lot to keep yourself healthy.

I agree, Bernie's CDs and healing intervals are lovely - I've just had a lovely half hour of relaxation to myself!


Registered: 01/16/07
Posts: 2
I have been taking xeloda for 4 months. I find it is more convenient and easier to take than traditional chemo. The side affects that I am experiencing are related to my hands and feet. They become red, hot and sore. This lasts for 3-4 days. I guess I feel more comfortable with this treatment and my body knows this. I also use alternative medicine, meditation and a lot of self love. For me I need all of this in my life. I wish you well with your decision.


Registered: 03/13/04
Posts: 4,214

also remember if you say no to treatments the doctors spend more time talking to you about why you should take it and that can help you to decide

bernie siegel

Registered: 02/05/08
Posts: 2
Thanks all - Well I have been doing great since my little spat... other than minor stomach pains. I did find some concern about Xeloda on the Web - someone saying their 80 year old mother died within a few days of taking the medication - due to the drug eating the lining of her intestines and she got infections afterwards.  Other than that I have found nothing but praise for the drug.  Now it looks like I'm going to live but broke watching my Apple stock tumble - huhu. Need to find a way to get Apple on Xeloda - ha!

I haven't experienced any other problems - I will keep posting my progress here.

Have a good day!


Registered: 03/13/04
Posts: 4,214

at our group last night woman on xeloda developed a rash but no gi problems. the rash cleared.

bernie siegel

Registered: 09/19/07
Posts: 35
Hi!  Xeloda has been a part of my chemo off and on through the years.  I, like others have mentioned, find it easy to tolerate and much more convenient than infusions.  I've had hardly any side effects but did play around with the timing of taking it and eating food.  I also experienced hand/foot syndrome but have been able to use lotions that have reversed that problem.

I had external beam radiation for spinal mets which almost immediately stopped any pain issues. 

good luck,
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